Wellous Spi2ro Functional Mixed Fiber


Lemon powder, Soluble Fiber, Spinach Powder, Spirulina, Chlorella, Xylitol, Peppermint Powder

Direction of Use
Consume and chew 1 tablet whenever desired

1 Box (60 Tablets) = SGD 75
2 Boxes (120 Tablets) = SGD 130
3 Boxes (180 Tablets) = SGD 185
4 Boxes (240 Tablets) = SGD 240
5 Boxes (300 Tablets) = SGD 295
6 Boxes (360 Tablets) = SGD 350

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Wellous Spi2ro Functional Mixed Fiber

Wellous Spi2ro Functional Mixed Fiber is specially formulated with beneficial ingredients in one convenient chewable tablet.

Toxins are the biggest obstacle towards reaching beauty and health, hence detoxification undoubtedly a person’s unavoidable first step in their journey towards good health.

SPI2RO contains spinach which also known as the “intestinal washer”. It contains a high amount of fiber and also rich in glutathione.

Spirulina contains a high level of minerals and vitamins. It is because of this NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) has used Spirulina for astronauts’ nutritional needs in space. It has a high protein content (60%) and a broad range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients. 1 gram of spirulina is nutritionally equal to 1 kilogram of assorted vegetables and fruits.

SPIRO also offers a high source of chlorella which consists of CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor).

Spi2ro can restore skin’s elasticity to promote radiance and youthful-looking glow, and also Spi2ro improves stamina and energy level by regulating red blood cells. Spi2ro nourishes the body to ensure that cells are working properly, and it is rich in nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants best for regaining body health.

Thus, Spi2ro is a supplement that helps fight against the body toxins which are relevant in making the body weak and one’s susceptibility to different health conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is SPI²RO?

SPI²RO is a healthy food that combines detoxification, repair and rejuvenates functions. SPI²RO contains spinach, spirulina, chlorella, and other substances to help remove toxins, radiation, and heavy metals, regulate and restore intestinal cell function, promote digestion, and improve immune system health.

2. What is the content in SPI²RO?

Lemon powder, soluble fiber, spinach powder, spirulina, chlorella, xylitol, and mint powder.

3. What is the function of SPI²RO?

It helps detox bodies and removes heavy metals, improves the digestive system, releases harmful radiation, provides comprehensive nutrition for the body, strengthens the immune system, fights disease, promotes healthy skin, promotes metabolism, helps reduce weight, increases insulin sensitivity, increases activity antioxidant, and balances body pH.

4. Why do we need a detox?

Detoxification can thoroughly cleanse the body, restructure the body’s system, help combat aging, balance body function, and promote overall health.

5. Why does the human body have toxins?

The toxin is actually a waste of excessive food. There are two main sources: metabolic waste from digestion and absorption of food; various pollutants from the environment deposited in the body. The human body is considered healthy if it is able to get rid of toxins quickly. If there is more waste that exceeds the burden of physical exclusion, it will be a health barrier.

6. How do I know that my body contains many toxins?

If your body has a lot of toxins, your body will have symptoms such as constipation, obesity, bad skin condition, bad breath, insomnia, allergies, endocrine disorders, menstrual pain, body odor, back pain and so on

7. How to take SPI²RO?

The recommended dose is 2 tablets daily and taken before going to bed.

8. What is the specialty of SPI²RO?

Made with natural ingredients. The ingredients include spirulina, spinach, chlorella, rich in nutrients, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. Able to see and feel the effect of detox 8-10 hours after consumption. No side effects and provide the steps of detox, repair, and rejuvenate. The first detox tablets in the world, do not need to be brewed into the water, can take them directly without drinking water. Easy, convenient/portable, and take them whenever you need it. The brand has won various awards such as the Best Healthcare Brand Award, International Prestige Award, the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand Award, and so on.

9. Is SPI²RO effective? How long can I see the effect?

It usually takes 8 hours to see the effect of detox (going to the toilet).

10. When is the best time to take SPI²RO?

It is recommended to take SPI²RO before bedtime. From 10 pm-6 am, as the body is resting and in a repairing condition, the body usually takes 6 to 8 hours to undergo a repair after taking SPI²RO, so it will not affect your quality of life.

11. If some people are taking a lot of supplements/medicine in the night, can they take SPI²RO in the morning?

Of course, the time of consumption can vary from person to person: Everyone’s routine and working hours are different, and they might be taking some other supplement/medicine too. In general, customers can see the effects of relief of gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, and detoxification at about 8 to 10 hours after taking SPI²RO.

12. What are the ingredients that help to detox?

The fiber in SPI²RO helps in the removal of feces and toxins. SPI²RO is free from laxative components.

13. After taking SPI²RO for several weeks, the frequency of defecation is decreasing, is it because detoxification is getting less effective?

Reduction in defecation does not mean a reduction in detox function. It may be due to the body having detox most of the toxin or the body containing the little toxin. This will increase metabolism and reduce the absorption of toxins.

14. Is taking SPI²RO for a long time safe? Does it have side effects?

SPI²RO is safe to take at a long period of time as it contains natural ingredients, free from pharmaceutical drugs, and will not cause side effects or addiction/dependency.

15. Is it safe for women to take SPI²RO during menstruation?

Yes, because SPI²RO is free from hormones, but a woman may feel more fatigue if she takes SPI²RO during menstruation.

16. Is SPI²RO effective in losing weight?

SPI²RO can not be considered as a weight loss product because it does not contain senna, but it can help in losing weight. There are many factors why obesity may occur including genetics, edema, overeating, hormonal imbalance, indigestion, or constipation.

If the body is high in toxin or indigestion, SPI²RO can help to eliminate it including excess fat, which may help a person to lose weight. SPI²RO contains fibers that will slow down empty stomachs, thereby reducing appetite and this can help in control weight.

17. Can a person who wants to gain weight take SPI²RO? Can detox help weight gain?

Of course, our body can absorb more nutrients after detoxification, hence it helps to increase weight after detox.

18. Is it safe to take SPI²RO together with another supplement?

Yes, SPI²RO will help other supplements to strengthen the body.

19. Is it safe to take SPI²RO and other medicines?

SPI²RO only contains natural ingredients, therefore it will not cause severe side-effects with drugs. It is recommended that people with a health problem take SPI²RO at a low dose, which is one tablet a day, however, if a person undergoes treatment or taking medicines for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or heart diseases, it is better if they refer to the doctor before taking SPI²RO.

20. Why should I drink plenty of water while taking SPI²RO?

Water is the best medium to get rid of toxins so if the body is well hydrated, toxins will be easily excreted. Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day.

21. Is there another way to see the effectiveness of SPI²RO faster?

It is recommended that a person eat more fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water to help in the detoxification process. Avoid eating oily foods and overeating, as this may affect the detox process. Exercise can also help in detox, as the toxins will be removed from the body through sweat.

22. Is it safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to take SPI²RO?

Although the ingredients in SPI²RO are natural and safe to use, there is no sufficient evidence on the safety of pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Therefore, it is not recommended to take it as there is a chance that the toxins will be transferred to the baby, and there is a risk of dehydration.

23. Is it safe for diabetic patients to take SPI²RO every day?

Yes, of course, SPI²RO does not contain sugar, SPI²RO sweetness comes from sweeteners, which is safe for diabetic patients.

24. How can SPI²RO help customers with diabetes?

Spirulina in SPI²RO can help control blood sugar levels and improve insulin function. Fiber can also reduce blood sugar to spike after meals.

25. Can 6-8 years old children take SPI²RO?

1 tablet of SPI²RO is suitable for adults, so it is not recommended for children under 12 years old to take SPI²RO.

26. Can patients with heart disease take SPI²RO?

We recommend you to consult your doctor before taking SPI²RO.

27. SPI²RO contains lemon powder. Can someone with gastric take SPI²RO?

This depends on the individual. Basically, patients with gastric problems can take SPI²RO. Lemon powder is not the only SPI²RO ingredient. It combines highly alkaline botanical ingredients (spinach, spirulina, and chlorella) to effectively neutralize the acidity of lemon. There is no evidence that lemon can cause gastritis, in fact, lemon juice has been proved good for gastritis. Lemon mixed with water – During the digestion process, fresh lemon will become alkaline in our body. In short, for patients with mild gastritis, we recommend taking SPI²RO with an empty stomach. For chronic gastritis patients (serious), it is recommended to take SPI²RO after meals.

28. Which is the manufacturing country for SPI²RO?

SPI²RO is formulated in the United States but is manufactured and repacked in Malaysia by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified factory.

29. Does SPI²RO have a product quality check?

Yes, SPI²RO certified as safe and does not contain heavy metals, microorganisms, preservatives, or chemicals.

30. After taking SPI²RO, a customer commented that he has a lot of phlegm in his throat. Is this normal?

Yes, this is a common reaction, it is a sign that the body contains toxic substances. (The body will produce mucus to protect itself from harmful substances) Some people will cough during the detoxification period.

31. Will a person who has uric acid become worse after taking SPI²RO?

Uric acid is caused by excessive purine food intake such as seafood, viscera, etc. The acidic body also causes the body to not excrete uric acid. Someone who experiences this condition needs SPI²RO to detoxify, detoxifying can help to regulate the body, and helps eliminate uric acid.

32. Can someone with rheumatoid arthritis take SPI²RO?

High antioxidant foods such as spinach can help reduce systemic inflammation that causes rheumatoid arthritis. Independent radicals have the ability to destroy healthy cells, and antioxidants can eliminate free radicals. When taking SPI²RO, joints may be painful due to detoxification, it is a normal healing effect.

33. Can a G6PD patient take SPI²RO?

Yes. G6PD patients should not take fava beans, sulfites, Vitamin K, and so on. SPI²RO does not contain these substances, so G6PD patients can take SPI²RO.

34. Can someone with Thalassemia take SPI²RO?

Yes, a person with Thalassemia can take.

35. For the skinny people, if they want to detoxify, do they have to take SPI²RO every day?

Yes. Skinny people need detoxification too, but they can choose to take on their needs, which will be more effective if they have constipation.

36. Why sometimes I go to the toilet a lot but sometimes less?

The amount of a person’s excretion is different, even the absorption is also different. Other than that, it may be caused by some other factors such as the amount of food.

37. Can vegetarians take SPI²RO?

Of course. SPI²RO is made of all-natural botanical extracts.

38. Can I take SPI²RO after drinking alcohol?

Of course, the detoxification effect is better after drinking. In general, we will feel tired, nausea, or dizzy the next day after drinking alcohol at night. If we take detox products on the same day, removing toxins from the body. On the second day, we will experience lesser symptoms such as lack of appetite, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, headache, and so on. So, it is recommended to detoxify after drinking alcohol.

39. Can SPI²RO cleanse blood?

Toxins in the blood include bad cholesterol and heavy metals. The fiber in SPI²RO can remove bad cholesterol, while chlorella can remove heavy metals, spirulina can remove radiation.

40. Can the thyroid problem patient take SPI²RO?

Yes, although we do not test the content of iodine, the amount of spirulina does not affect the thyroid gland. However, it also depends on the individual. Some of them are not well controlled. Taking SPI²RO can cause symptoms of hyperthyroidism if the person is sensitive, such as the hand trembling.

41. After taking SPI²RO, will I be suffering from symptoms such pain, aches, fever and dizziness?

This is considered as a healing crisis as the cells get more nutrients than normal, the body will start to activate and accelerate our metabolism, toxins in the body will be released from the cell rapidly, causing the body to experience temporary discomfort.

42. Can I mix SPI²RO into fruit juices or in smoothies?

It’s up to you. You can take it before eating or mix it in fruit juices. SPI²RO contains strong alkali green ingredients (spinach, spirulina, green algae, lemon). When it is mixed into fruit juices, the detoxification effect is better.

43. After taking SPI²RO, acne started to grow, is this a healing effect?

Yes, do not worry, this is a regular healing effect, the constant use of SPI²RO can improve the condition of the skin. This phenomenon shows that the original skin gland is blocked and the fat or toxins that remain in the skin gland are removed by activated cells. This leads to the formation of acne.

44. Why can’t I see the effects after taking SPI²RO?

The effect of using SPI²RO varies from individual. We recommend drinking plenty of water as water can help bowel movements and help in defecation.

45. No problem with bowel movements after taking SPI²RO. Do I still need to continue?

It is recommended to continue to take or reduce the dosage, one tablet daily as a maintenance dose. In addition to defecation, SPI²RO can help eliminate radiation from digital devices such as mobile phones. SPI²RO can also help refill the body with nutrients and repair body cells.

46. If someone has recently undergone a uterine removal surgery, can she still take SPI²RO?

Wait until the surgical wound has fully healed before taking SPI²RO. When the wound is not yet healed, avoid taking SPI²RO because it is likely to interfere with the wound healing process. For example, detoxification can cause pain in surgical wounds.

47. Can hepatitis B patients take SPI²RO?

Yes. SPI²RO can help detoxify the liver.

48. Customers took SPI²RO but did not have the feeling of defecation, why?

SPI²RO does not contain any laxatives and does not cause diarrhea. SPI²RO contains natural ingredients such as fiber and spinach that can help in detoxification. There are several possibilities: 1, The customer’s body does not have a lot of toxins and has a slow bowel movement. 2, might be a healing crisis and the body is slowly improving the gastrointestinal function

49. Can someone with autoimmune disease (systemic lupus erythematosus) take SPI²RO?

Is the disease still ongoing? If it is, it is advisable not to take SPI²RO.

50. Spirulina can help to control the level of acidity in our bodies. Will customers become more energetic after taking SPI²RO?

A person with an acidic body will get tired easier, then the alkali found in SPI²RO can control the pH value in the body. Additionally, glutathione in spinach can help in detox. SPI²RO users will feel more energetic after detox.

51. Can a customer with kidney stones take SPI²RO?

It can be taken, but it will not help to reduce it. The cause of kidney stones is the lack of water, eating high levels of oxalic acid, and high calcium. Recommend to take BIO-GRAPE Seed as grape seed extract can help prevent kidney inflammation and protect kidney function. Start with 2 tablets daily.

52. Can SPI²RO help in Helicobacter pylori infection?

  1. Pylori needs to be treated with antibiotics. After the treatments can take SPI²RO. SPI²RO can help clean up the stomach, increase probiotics, and help prevent the disease.

53. How much mg of spirulina, spinach and chlorella content in SPI²RO?

Spirulina 150mg, 125mg chlorella and Spinach 150mg

54. I am taking 2 tablets of SPI²RO daily. Why do I feel dizzy after taking SPI²RO?

Possible reasons:

  1. The body is reacting well. Metabolic effects, the temporary blood supply to the brain is insufficient
  2. Dehydration. Customers are advised to drink at least 2 liters of water. To reduce headaches, reduce to 1 tablet a day.

55. The customer asked after I take SPI²RO 2 tablets a day. My urine is yellowish. Does SPI²RO contain pharmaceutical components?

SPI²RO contains no pharmaceutical component. The yellow color of the urine may be caused by it being too heaty or you are taking Vitamin B products. Another reason is that water in the body is filled with stools, sweat, or toxins, saturated urine will turn yellow.

56. Can children at the age of 9 take SPI²RO?

Unlike other products, SPI²RO, other than spirulina and chlorella, contain other ingredients such as fiber powder and spinach. Chlorella contains a lot of chlorophyll, and it is green because it contains chlorophyll. Chlorella contains many proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Japan has been using chlorella ever since, but scientific studies conducted in the United States are limited and there is no sufficient study to determine the appropriate dose for children. The recommended dose is 2 tablets. If the children need detoxification, depending on whether the body weight and body are acceptable, you can take 1/2 or 1 tablet. Be sure to drink enough water.



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